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Web Design

Benefits of a Website

A website can target new markets or help retain your current customers. It can act as a multi page advertisement, a meeting place, resource center, marketplace or entertainment venue. A website is versatile and can be built to accommodate your unique needs.

A distinct advantage that a website offers over traditional media is one of availability. The web is available 24 hours a day to a global audience. This creates an opportunity to provide valuable information for your customers. A professionally designed website can:
  • display the products and services you provide
  • enable customers to purchase goods or services
  • convey branding identity and promote trust
  • develop customer loyalty through the provision of services
  • provide contact information or direct contact through email

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Features of a Well Designed Site 

  • Uncluttered & fast loading pages
  • Appropriate Content for your target audience
  • Well organized with straight-forward navigation
  • Use of appropriate keywords and descriptions (meta tags) in your html code so
    search engines will find and include your web site in their directories
  • Appropriate domain name selection

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Marketing Your Site

Marketing is a very important aspect of the website design process because your website will only be successful if it attracts visitors. Define your target audience and we will design your pages accordingly. (Who are you trying to attract to your site?) The focus and direction will be different if you are creating a personal homepage or a business homepage.

For business web sites, we rely on the expertise of the business contact (owner, proprietor or marketing director) for assistance in developing business web sites. We will take that information and design a web site so your business is presented in an accurate, informative way. Some of our clients are very clear about what they want regarding web design and layout. Other clients look to the internet for inspiration and find related websites that have features that appeal to them. We collaborate with our clients to reach the final web design for their web site. We will incorporate as many formats and features to the web site design given our range of experience and expertise. Here are some additional tips to help round out your site:

  • Appropriate domain name selection
  • Register your website with major search engines and free registration services.
  • Keep the web site consistent with current marketing material so your business conveys a unified marketing message
  • Display your brand/logo consistently on all marketing material (website, letterhead, written and electronic communications)
  • Prominently display your website address on all printed correspondence and mailing material

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Web Page Content
Web Content is a very important component to a well designed web site. The presentation of your web pages will determine how successful your web site will be. Keep it simple, straight forward and up to date.

Nothing tells a visitor that you donít care for your site more than displaying outdated information. News items dated several months ago, or worse, over a year ago, will send prospective customers scurrying from your website. Search engines learn how often you update your site, and if you only update once per year, they wonít index your site.

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